Let the Centre Arrest You

Elliott Silver's Pretender Fanfiction

A Word: The Beginning

First of all, the disclaimer:

The characters of "The Pretender" are not mine; they rightfully belong to NBC, MTM, and Pretender Productions, as well as the actors and actresses who give paper and ink a life and a voice. I am making no profit from these writings; imitation is the highest form of flattery.


And, the smaller items:

~ Except for ratings, I haven't listed the stories according to what characters are in them and what happens between them. The story should always tell itself. So perhaps the ending or even the story itself may be different than you expect. Explore!

~ Minors, please do not read NC-17 stories!

~ Also, for my own reasons, Lyle is NOT Miss Parker's brother in some of my fiction. In my mind, it is Angelo who is her brother, for all the undeniable similarities between them.

~ Please do not archive any stories anywhere without my permission. Email me about it and I would be more than happy to say yes!

~ Updates will be added as new stories are created. Please visit again.


Elliott's Recommendations:

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Stories with a wallop of angst: Cobweb, Pale Dark, Charnel …

Those that defy explanation: The Sazerac Trilogy, Siphon, Lure, and Solace …


And, lastly, please write to me. Comments and criticism are both so very welcome, as are requests for stories.


Thank-you, and enjoy the words…

for wherever they may take you…..