Stories are inspired by a nefarious conglomeration of ideas, and this one is no different.

In hindsight, things look easy -- but at the time, they are life-shattering. And so I wondered if something of the sort had played out between CJ and Simon, when they couldn't wait for fate. And in not waiting, acted spontaneously.

I then wondered how a story would work if it was told from their views at the time and then all that played out after that night they shared, all their interactions and conversations - how different would those conversations and interactions be - and I thought, they would be no different at all.

The only difference would be the motivations behind them.

And that's the idea I pursued in The Last Tempest.

It's not an easy story -it certainly wasn't to write. It may not even make sense to most people. But what are people's motivations, in the end, but how much you want something regardless of the consequences.

I only put the story here because I think there is something worthwhile to it - I just think it deserves a little introduction first. Now, should you want to view these two tangled, fragile characters, read these words.



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