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Just when you think it’s all over, inspiration comes anew. Enjoy The Lacemaker, a contemporary Pretender story, and its sequel, Coup de Grâce. 


Welcome! All the old Pretender pieces are re-archived at Tripod now and hopefully this will be their home for a long while. My time to write seems to get perpetually shorter and shorter, so if you would like new Pretender stories, please be sure to email me and let me know, otherwise I fear reality will get the best of me!

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I am no longer at Hotmail - because they closed my account! So if anyone has been trying to email me, I apologize. I have changed the links on the index page and this page, but not on any of the stories older than The Lacemaker – so anything from Shiraz down will still link to the old Hotmail address and I won’t be able to read it. Simply change Hotmail to Yahoo and let me know what you think.


Stories listed most recent to least.

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A Word at a Time: How to Tell a Pretender Story 


The Stories:

New! Coup de Grâce

Etymology: French coup de grâce, literally, stroke of mercy
1 : a deathblow or death shot administered to end the suffering of one mortally wounded
2 : a decisive finishing blow, act, or event

New! The Lacemaker

Summary: In no way could he have them both.


Summary: She wasn't what Miss Parker had planned, but she was Shiraz and the cobwebs that stopped the bleeding.

Her Aquitaine 

Summary: In 1122, Eleanor of Aquitaine was born; by age 30, she had become queen of France and England, and the most powerful, intriguing, and beautiful woman in the world.


Summary: Miss Parker saw the whole world fall, not because of hate but because of love, and it was a terribly, horrifyingly beautiful thing.

On Red Wax and Relics

Summary: In some lifetimes, death is the only way to freedom.

Dark Chocolate

Summary: Trigger: verb, to set in action or initiate, "trigger a reaction"


The following stories are what I affectionately call the "old" Pretender stories. They were written way back when - Dark Chocolate marked my return to writing after more than a year's absence and was written in March 2002. These stories vary by styles and characters and endings - from the novel-like What Hour Come to the more poetic versions of Sazerac and everything else in between. Please enjoy the words for where they may take you.

The Keening

Summary: When you cry for desire.


Summary: Sometimes the only cure is no cure at all.


Summary: Jarod's past and future collide.


Summary: Jarod confesses the one thing Miss Parker can't forgive.

Pale Dark

Summary: Everything is never quite enough.


Summary: When a blue Christmas turns black.

The Sazerac Trilogy


Summary: A glance into what used to be forever.


Summary: An old feud, a new duel.


Summary: What will be.

Warning: R, for sex


Summary: Even gold is black.

Warning: PG, for sex


Summary: The alibi of good-bye.

Warning: R, for sex


Summary: He came one promise too late.


Summary: Healing is coming home.


Summary: A soft place to fall.

Warning: PG-13, for sex


Summary: When too much of a past destroys the present, where does the future lie?


Summary: When you lose everything, you have to gain something.


Summary: The most important things come to you when you least expect them.


Summary: In the midst of storm, where does salvation lie?

Alternate version


Summary: The destination is never what is most important, or most dangerous; it is

the journey.

Warning: PG-13, for language and sex

Blue Angel

Summary: A lesson in flight, night flight.


Summary: When the end is only the beginning.

Warning: PG, for violence

Alternate ending


Summary: Sometimes the cure to heat sickness is more heat.

Warning: NC-17, for sex

Permission Granted

Summary: Sometimes asking isn't aloud.


Summary: A celebration of tulips.

Warning: R, for sex

What Hour Come

Summary: Jarod tracks a death fetishist when the case takes a disastrous

- and personal - turn.


Summary: An assignation and an unexpected turn of events.

Warning: R, for sex

Paradise Regained

Summary: Miss Parker's view on paradise lost, and paradise regained.

Warning: R, for sex



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