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Updated: 28 September 2002


New! Carillon 

Some things cannot be summarized.

She Dreamed of Boomerangs

Summary: She dreamed of her words like boomerangs coming back to her, because they never had. (CJ/Simon)

Paper Birch

Summary: When he looked at her, he saw Coleridge's "Lady of the Woods."

Smoky Martini

Summary: Smoky martinis had always been his favorite drink, but he hadn't had one since before Leo had brought him into the Bartlet campaign. Now he couldn't imagine why: why he had stopped, why Leo had chosen him, and why he had switched that night, and every night since, to straight Scotch.

The Beginning of All Wisdom

Summary: The acceptance of realities is the beginning of all wisdom. (CJ/Simon)


Summary: The ordinary is just that. (CJ/Simon)

The Dragonís Rubies

Summary: When you learn the price of what you lost, can you bear its cost?


Summary: To recover from a loss, you have to accept the pain. But you can't do it alone.

When Broken Glass Floats

Summary: CJ learns when glass breaks, it shatters.

Dance Like Peonies

Summary: The promise of a dance the color of peonies at full bloom.



 The Last Tempest

Summary: They were fighting not to want each other and tonight, they stopped fighting. (NC-17)



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